Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister Book 4 of the Aisling Grey series

Holy Smokes: An Aisling Grey, Guardian, NovelBook Blurb:  I’m Aisling Grey—but you can call me “frustrated.”
The man of my dreams—uber-sexy Drake Vireo, wyvern of the green dragons—has finally decided to make an honest woman of me. That is, if we ever make it to the wedding at the same time! Being left at the altar may have cooled my jets, but not my passion…a good thing when Drake disappears and it’s up to me to find him.
Most brides just have in-laws to worry about. Me? I have warring dragons, ticked-off demon lords, eternal damnation, and a mage who wants to challenge me for an otherworldly position I don’t even want. Good thing I have Jim, my doggie-demon at my side. He’s never let me down—yet…

My Thoughts:
This was an interesting ending to the Aisling Grey books.  I have to say, the books got better as the series went on.  This last book in the series was the best in my opinion.  Aisling matured more and more, became less flakey and seemed to get herself out of trouble a little easier.  I was glad to see the relationship of her and Drake finally evolve into something with a little more substance.  I never really understood his fascination with someone so completely different than himself.  In the end the two seemed more compatible and I was pleased about that.  All in all the series was pretty good and set the background for all her post-published and upcoming dragon novels.    


sounds pretty good. Is this from the same series you sent me awhile back?


Yes it is. It's a decent series, but the last book is the best.


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