Playing With Fire, Fire Me Up and Light My Fire by Katie MacAlistar

Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)Book 1  Playing with Fire....Good intro into the Asling Grey world.  She comes off as a little immature and green, but hey, what can you expect for a mere mortal?  She hasn't a clue what she is doing, accidentally summoning up the doggie demon Jim, who turns out to be her best friend and learning things about the Otherworld that she once thought was mere fiction.  I wasn't really sure what to expect with this being book one from a 4 book series.  All I can say is that I am glad she continues to mature throughout the series.

Fire Me Up (Aisling Grey, Guardian, Book 2)Book 2  Fire me Up....We are brought into Drake and Asling's relationship more with this book as the two (more so Asling) seem to accept the whole mate thing.  Drake wants fealty and Asling him, but she also wants to be independent and to explore what it means to be a Guardian.  An idea Drake isn't too keen on.  Asling's life is one twist and turn after another, and Jim her trusty smart mouthed demon sidekick  keeps the humor going throughout.               

Light My Fire (Aisling Grey, Guardian, Book 3)Book 3  Light My Fire.....The third installment in the series definately keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the book.  I truely enjoyed seeing Asling grow into the duties that are seeming thrust into her life with as much grace (and debaucle) as she can muster.  She seems to get into more and more trouble with each turn of the page.  With Guardianship training and a new start in life looking bright, things take a turn for the disasterous when Drake shows back up in Asling's life 4 weeks after leaving him in Paris.  She can't get enough of his presence, but would rather keep him far away to stave away her desire for him since he just can't seem to understand how importiant her Guardianship means to her.  I'm looking forward to reading the fourth and final installment of the series.


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