Sweet Release by Carrie Pulkinen

Sweet ReleaseBook Blurb:

Sweet Release: The day Miranda Billings dies isn't the worst day of her life—but it's close. Then again, if she'd lived, she never would've made love to Andre.
The day Miranda Billings dies isn't the worst day of her life—but it's close. Miranda dreams of adventure and escaping her boring existence, but death might be too much of an escape. With the help of Andre the demon slayer, she discovers the excitement she craves. If only he’d let her share his quest as well as his bed.
When Andre, the half-demon EMT, finds the woman he loves crushed by a bus, he reawakens her soul with his magic and his blood. Now, Andre must decide if he’s willing to let her join him in his perilous quest to slay demons and save humans. He almost lost her once. Is he willing to risk losing her forever?

My thoughts:

Miranda Billings was having one hell of a day.  Loses her job, gets dumped and then to top it all off....she gets flattened by a bus.  That might seem like the end of it for her, but sexy EMT Andre, whom had been crushing on her for some time now, brings her back to life with his handy dandy half-demon powers.  Now with nothing to lose, Miranda has to make a decision.  Stay on the run fighting demons with a man she barely knows whom isn't even human himself, or figure something else out.  The choice seems almost too easy.  
I enjoyed this story immensely.  Reading this book was like being able to eat a whole box of chocolate covered cherries but only having the guilt of just one piece.  It was short, but felt like I read a whole story.  The passion between the two characters was amazing, leaving me a little breathless and my heart beating a bit harder.  I enjoyed her descriptiveness but was a little confused sometimes as to which characters mind I was in.  All in all I enjoyed what I read.   


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